Tuesday, July 28, 2009

14 months to go...

To say my fiance and I are ahead of the game is probably an understatement. At 14 months out, we have got so much picked out and decided on. Not all the little details of course, but the big important things (reception location, ceremony location, photographer, caterer...) have all been decided upon, if not already booked.

14 months left sounds like a lot of time to pull everything together, but for two people who love to plan parties, down to the smallest of details, I have to wonder if 14 months will be enough time for something this big. Im sure it will be more than enough, but when I think about all that has to be done, I get nervous. I get especially nervous because of all our DIY projects we need to complete. Im just glad I have a partner who is as excited as I am and is completely involved.

I don't believe a wedding is just about the bride. Its about the couple. Im lucky to have a fiance who understands this and wants to be a part of everything involved with putting our wedding together. Im so happy that this wedding will be a reflection of both of us as individuals, but mostly who we are together.

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