Thursday, October 15, 2009

Card reader? Whats a card reader?

"Why dont you just use the card reader?" he asked. Doh! The card reader! Why didnt I think of that? Thats how I get my photos off of my D50, of course it would work with my Coolpix too.

Before we left for Chicago, I was trying to find a way to get my photos of our engagement party invites off of my point-n-shoot. For the life of me, I could not figure out how to do it. For some reason when I plugged the cable from the cam into the laptop, the laptop wouldnt recognize it. The Eye-Fi card software is not loaded on this laptop either. I was getting so frustrated and finally decided to give up. Thats until my lovely Ned came home and suggested the most basic of ideas. I still did not get time to post the pictures before we left, but I would like to share them now.

Since Ned purchased my lovely engagement ring and my birthday necklace (that I wore for our engagement photos) from Tiffany & Co, I wanted to incorporate that beautiful blue color. I also decided on fuchsia and chocolate brown. I started out by going to the Paper Depot in Minneapolis (their website seems to be down) to get inspiration as I really wasnt quite sure what I wanted the invites to look like. I decided on a half sheet of Tiffany blue cardstock overlapped by a sparkly white paper and chocolate brown envelopes. After leaving the Paper Depot, I headed over to two craft stores to get the rest of the supplies, ribbon and a paper punch. (Im a sucker for ribbon when it comes to paper crafting projects. Remember the black ribbon on my bridesmaid cards?)

Ive been wanting to have a "cupcake" theme party now for awhile. I figured our engagement party would be the perfect time. My friend Andrea sent me an adorable font called "Fling" that became the starting point for our "Love Is Sweet" cupcake invitations. I even scored a cute cupcake paper punch at one of the craft stores.

After gathering all the supplies, this is what Ned and I put together:

Supplies and the mock up I made.

Close ups

Completed stack. You can kinda see how sparkly the white paper is here.

And the chocolate colored envelopes.

Now these might not look as professional as something Andrea can create, but then again, she is a professional. :-) Im really impressed with what Ned and I accomplished and Im glad we decided to work on this together.

(Sorry for the crappy photo editing on the pictures, but there are just some things I cant share with the internet and I was kinda in a hurry when working on these.)

We currently have 30+ affirmative RSVPs for our party this Saturday. Im excited, but also a bit stressed as there is so much that needs to be done before then. Im also trying to imagine 30+ people in our house at once! I have today and tomorrow off from work and need to get my butt off this computer and get stuff done.

- Gan

Next Post: How amazing my Maid of Honor is and the wonderful things she created for me!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Getting behind

I feel like Im getting behind on posting. There are so many things I want to write about, so many little details I want to share. The biggest set back has been having my Nikon D50 crap out on me. I need to get it into the shop before our engagement party, which is now less than two weeks away! I have my backup pocket Nikon that Ned got me for Christmas last year, and as much as I love it, Ive never quite got the hang out of using it. Funny that I can manage my DSLR, but have problems with a little pocket point-n-shoot.

I have been taking photos here and there of things, but not too much to document yet. Hopefully Ill be able to post some pictures of our engagement party invites tonight when Ned gets home. I took them on my pocket cam, but cant find the cable to get them off. I have an Eye-Fi Share card in it so Ive never needed the cable before. But thats set to sync up with my laptop which is also out of commission for the time being.

I would like to get some pictures up before Ned and I leave for Chicago tomorrow. Yes, thats right, we are going on another vacation. But just a quick 2 day trip down to the windy city. Just enough time for me to see Kylie! Im so excited that I just might explode!

I feel like Ive been waiting ages to see her. Im also looking forward to having some alone time with Ned. It feels like ever since we got back from Austria we have been so busy. Not to mention we have both been sick, Ned with pneumonia and me with the flu and then a head cold. I think this little trip will be just what the doctor ordered.

Now if only I could decide what to wear to the show.....

- Gan

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Officially less than 1 year...

Wow! Time is flying. We officially have less than one year to go. I couldn't be more thrilled. There is still so much to do, but we are slowly knocking those things off the to do list.

I really wanted to blog yesterday since it was the one year mark. But with working overtime and an amazing date night with Ned, there was just no time.

To celebrate our one year to go mark, we had a lovely dinner of amazing vegetarian and vegan sushi at Midori's. We then followed dinner up with the lovely sounds of Joshua Radin at the Pantages Theater.

Yesterday, I received an email from It was my official "you've got 12 months to go" newsletter. It was comprised of the things we need to be working on this month:

- Research vendors - Check!
- Finalize your budget - Budget? Whats a budget? Budget shmudget.
- Wedding style ideas - I think weve got this one down. This has been the most exciting part so far. (Besides the part where I get to call Ned my husband.)

Id say we are about right on track if not still ahead of the game. And Im just joking about the budget part. We don't really have one, but its all about being responsible and not going overboard. We know our limits, but that doesn't mean we aren't going to have one hell of a shindig.

Today Ill leave you the beautiful music of Josh Radin. Im sure there will be plenty of his songs played at our wedding. (Which is kinda funny because he made a bunch of jokes about weddings last night.)

- Gan

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Poster contest!

Make sure to stop over at Diagnosis Deferred for your chance to win a 18x24" rolled poster print of your choice from "These posters are photo quality prints of any file you choose." How awesome is that? I can think of a million photos I would love to have blown up.

- Gan

Everyone loves a good party

Im so excited about our upcoming engagement party. The invites are already in the mail and Ive been working on decoration and food ideas. Unlike our wedding, our engagement party even has a theme! I wish I could post some of the ideas, but I don't want to ruin any surprises for our guests that happen to read this blog. Once guests start receiving the invites Ill at least be able to post those.

I think the main reason for all the excitement for me is that this will be the first time we are having an actual party at our new house. We bought our house in March and besides having family over for a bbqs, we haven't had a real party yet. This will be sort of a combined engagment party/housewarming party. A lot of our friends haven't even seen our new home yet.

I'm also very thrilled that Ned's father will be in town from California for our party. Well, he was already planning on coming to town to visit us, so we just scheduled the party during his trip. I think it's awesome that Ned will have someone from his family here. We spend a lot of time with my family since they live so close and I think sometimes he really misses his dad. We were out in California spending time with him in July and I could really see how close those two are.

In other news, I finally started uploading some photos from our trip to Austria. For now Ill leave you with a photo of me and Ned:

And a photo of me and my bridesmaid, Nadine, and our friend Nikki:

- Gan

Saturday, September 19, 2009

You can never have too many bridesmaids

A couple years ago, a coworker told me that you can never have too many bridesmaids. For me, thats not so true. I once heard about a girl that had 18 bridesmaids! Wow. I wondered who was left to be an actual guest at the wedding. Maybe she has like 300 friends or something. Either way, thats way too many bridesmaids for me.

Ned and I are having a smallish wedding. 100 guests invited tops. I think maybe itll end up being 65 to 75 that actually make it. We definitely want a small wedding party. It would be strange to have half of our guests be in the actual wedding.

Choosing my bridal party wasnt that hard. I knew I wanted my three closest (American) girl friends to be bridesmaids, my 2 neices to be jr bridesmaids, my step daughter to be my flower girl, and to somehow have my closest guy friend be in the wedding, either on my side as my man of honor or on Ned's side as a groomsman. But I have to admit, I did feel bad. I have quite a few other girl friends I wanted to choose or that I felt obligated to choose.

My older sister really isnt into the whole bridesmaid thing so I only felt a little bad leaving her out. Shes just happy her daughters are in the wedding as it means a lot to them. I cant imagine not having those two beautiful girls in the wedding. But I have a couple other friends who are important to me that I want to be a part of my big day, but we just arent that close anymore. That doesnt mean that they arent important to me.

N., A. and S. are three amazing friends. I really do adore them. But we just arent as much a part of each others lives as we used to be. I dont think its necessarily a bad thing, its just what happens when people get busy in their own lives and live in different cities/states. Its hard to stay close. That doesnt mean we dont care about each other, weve just drifted apart a bit. I wish I could have them all be in my wedding, but I just dont think it would work.

There is one girl though that I feel terrible leaving out. She is someone that I adore so very much. I love her like family and I wish I could see her more often. She has been there so much for me and helped me through some very hard times. When Ned met her for the first time he said we were cut from the same stone. I just click with her like Ive known her my whole life. And thats why Ive decided to ask her to join my wedding party.

I initially didn't ask Nadine because she lives in Austria. We only get to see each other once a year or so. But having my wedding without her in it would just be wrong. I really need her by my side on that day. She is such an important part of my life and who I am. Since she will be at the wedding for sure, I need her to be a part of the wedding party. Shes flying in at least two weeks before the wedding to spend time with me and be a part of the activities and staying for a bit afterwards.

I haven't asked her yet, but Im very excited to. Im trying to decide between mailing her a card, calling her or asking her in person in November when I see her in Miami. Such a hard decision. I want to ask her in person because its much more sincere, but I also dont want to wait. I can be so impatient. I should have asked her a couple weeks ago when I was in Austria, but I didn't know until then that she was for sure coming to the wedding. I should have known she would be though since shes such a good friend.

My bridal party now consists of the four most lovely friends a girl could ever have. Im so happy to have these girls be a part of my life and a part of my big day.


- Gan

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And the winners are....

These are my favorite of our engagement photos:

- Gan

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Totally worth the extra $200

We got our engagement photos back from Jenn Barnett yesterday and Im completely blown away. It was worth the extra money to hire another photographer so we could get these done. Im so happy with them. They express everything I was feeling that day, all the love Ned and I share. Here is a little teaser until I can get the rest posted here.

- Gan

(I hate how this layout crops photos.)

Friday, September 11, 2009

My Ned

Some months before Ned and I met, I posted a blog entry in my personal blog about how I only wanted to find my "Ned". I was referring to Lee Pace's character from the tv show Pushing Daisies and I posted the same clip that is posted at the bottom of this entry. The year before I had ended a long term relationship and dated casually after that, but was unsuccessful at finding that perfect someone. The one who I wanted to fall asleep next to at night. The one I wanted to wake up next to in the morning. The one I wanted to spend every day with for the rest of my life. I was starting to think I would never find my soulmate.

See, Im a very romantic, dreamy sorta gal. I do believe in soulmates. I believe in your lover/significant other also being your best friend. I believe in finding that one true love and spending the rest of your lives together. Call me old fashioned. Call me unrealistic. Call me silly. Whatever. Thats just who I am and Im not ashamed of it.

And then I met my darling Ned.

Ill admit it, it wasn't quite love at first sight. Not because I thought he was unattractive! In fact, I thought he was quite dreamy. As I like to call him, "tall, dark and handsome- without the tall." *smirk* But I wasn't really looking at that moment for a boyfriend. I was just trying to get out there and meet new people. He also had some "red flags" that threw me off. But right after our first date, I called my dad and told him all about it. I was smitten, I just didn't know it yet. Ned pursued me for the next few weeks and after our third date I knew. I knew I wanted to be with him. I knew I had finally found my Ned.

He was the one I was looking for. He was the one who could make me laugh no matter how sad or frustrated I was. He was the one who could make my heart melt with just one look. He was the one who was just as romantic and dreamy as I am. He was the one who made me feel complete. A lover and a best friend all rolled into one.

When we first started dating, I introduced him to the amazingness that was Pushing Daisies. Only the first season was out then and it was something we enjoyed watching together in the evenings while curled up on the couch. Thats when he started calling me "Chuck" as a petname. And also why, now, I refer to him as my "Ned". Because he is the one I was always looking for.

- Gan

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Home sweet home

We got in from our lovely adventure to Europe last night. I feel rested and refreshed even though a majority of the time was spent hiking and exploring. Even a 1,400 stairs hike inside a mountain (700 up and 700 down)...and that was after hiking up the mountain itself! But we had a great trip and once again we saw how well we travel together.

I have not had time to really go through our photos yet, but trust me, we have some cute ones. I figured I should post a small entry about our to-do list for now. I think its growing, instead of shrinking, every day.

Things we have done
- Photographer booked
- First set of engagement photos shot
- Reception venue booked
- Photo booth booked
- My wedding party chosen and informed
- Ceremony location chosen
- Caterer chosen

Things that need to be finalized in the next few weeks
- Ceremony location booked
- Caterer booked
- His side of the wedding party
- Cake tastings
- Save the dates need to be finished & mailed
- Guest list (!!!)
- Wedding dress search continues
- Engagement party/housewarming party

We haven't even seen a teaser photo from our engagement shoot and Im getting a bit restless. I know its only been 2 weeks, but I was hoping to get at least one photo emailed to us while we were on vacation. Im excited, but also nervous to get them back. Just an email to let us know they turned out ok would have been nice! Im totally impatient. But Jenn is a great photographer so I have no need for doubts.

Hopefully tonight Ill get through some of our vacation photos. And maybe we can start tackling some of our other to-dos.

- Gan

Monday, August 24, 2009

Excited (and a wee bit nervous!)

Thursday is the day! Not for our wedding, silly. That's still over a year away. But Thursday is the day that we not only skip out of the country for Ned's first visit to Europe, but it's the day of our first engagement shoot!

You might be wondering why I say "first" engagement shoot and that's because Ned and I decided that we needed not one, but two engagement sessions! Im incredibly excited, but at the same time super nervous. I can't really figure out if the butterflies are due to the photos or the trip or everything combined. Im a seasoned traveler and have been visiting Austria multiple times a year for almost a decade so Im thinking the nervousness is due more to the photos.

See, I'm someone who loves to be behind the camera, not in front of it. Just the thought of someone taking a picture of me starts to get me going crazy. I wonder about my hair; how will I style it? Does it need to be colored? What about a haircut? I wonder about my teeth; are they white enough? Do I have time to bleach them? What about my clothes? What will I wear? What will look just right? Dear god, what about SHOES?! I cant forget the shoes! Oh, and then I freak out that all this worrying will cause my skin to break out.... It just goes on and on and on.

Ive been trying to get things taken care of ahead of time to avoid going crazy over the little details at the last minute as much as possible. I took care of coloring my hair about a week or so ago. Ned and I both went and got haircuts together this last weekend. I started going through all my clothes (which, if you know me, you know is a huge task) and started to not only put together the most perfect outfit, but also pick out what I want to pack for our trip. It still feels like there is so much to do though.

We are probably overdoing it by planning our photo shoot for the morning of the day we are leaving for Europe, but it's the only day we will be able to visit the Minnesota State Fair this year. The Fair opens the day we leave and ends before we come back! We both love the State Fair and would be so sad if we missed it. Last year we had so much fun that we actually went twice. It only seems fitting that our engagement photos are taken there. Unfortunately, our wonderful wedding photographers, Graddy Photography, are booked on the only day we can make it to the Fair. (We get a free engagement shoot with our wedding package.) But we are super lucky to have the amazing Jenn Barnett instead! We are still going to use our engagement session with Graddy at a later date, maybe this winter or in the spring.

Im really excited to have our engagement photos done, but tomorrow is going to be a whirlwind. So much to do in such a short time. Im keeping my fingers crossed for nice weather!

I wanted to make a post about getting an email from The Knot yesterday that we reached our 13 months mark, but I just don't have time. Expect a big update when we get back! For now, here are some photos of us from the MN State Fair last year.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

To cover or not to cover?

I wanted to make this post yesterday, but I got sidetracked by life. I also had to reschedule a tattoo appointment to finish up my newest piece till next month. By the end of the day I just forgot I promised this entry, but it's definitely something important to me so I want to write about it.

Something Ive been asked quite a few times is if Im going to cover my tattoos for my wedding, either with makeup or my dress. The answer for me is really simple; no.

I love my tattoos. If I didn't, why would I have them? They make me who I am. I chose to get them for a reason. I don't see the point in covering them for my wedding, or any day for that matter. Im actually incredibly confused by those that choose to cover. I guess I just don't understand why you would cover them. Maybe you don't think they are appropriate? Or they will upset relatives? Or they aren't classy enough for your wedding? Or....I just don't know. But I ask again, why have them if you want to hide them or you don't think they are classy or appropriate?

(Credit to Allebach Photography)

There are some tattoos you get in places that aren't seen on a daily basis for a reason. They aren't ones you want to show off to the general public. They are personal or private or whatever. Or maybe you have a career where you just can't pull off visible tattoos. I guess it makes sense that if you don't normally show them off that you would cover them on your wedding day. But mostly because they are in spots that are naturally covered.

My tattoos are pretty visible and I like it that way. Not because Im screaming to be looked at, but they are an expression of who I am. I consider them artwork. They are in places that are seen on an average day and will be visible when wearing my wedding dress. I wouldn't want it any other way.

I want to be myself on my wedding day. That means not hiding my tattoos or taking out my piercings or keeping my hair at whatever color I think is beautiful at the time. To me, the most beautiful woman is a woman not afraid to be herself. And on such an important day, you should be yourself. It's YOUR wedding. And this also goes for grooms, too! They should be able to express themselves and be who they are on their wedding day.

(Credit to Rebecca Peters Photography)

I guess it's easier for me because I think tattoos and piercings are attractive, especially on brides. I don't have to put much thought into the fact that I'm going to show my tattoos on my wedding day and that I'm going to have a dress that compliments them. I'm also fine with the fact that my bridesmaids have tattoos and theirs will also be visible at my wedding.

This is me and my MOH, Amanda, at GWG '09. My chest piece, that is still lacking color, along with my back piece, will be completely visible at my wedding and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brides with tattoos?

One more quick post for the day since I just got a call from my tattoo shop reminding me of my upcoming appointment. Make sure to check back tomorrow as I discuss my thoughts on being a bride with visable tattoo work.

(Credit to Tasha Hundahl and

After thoughts...

I wish I could say that trying on wedding dresses was magical and amazing and that I had such a great time. That all my fears just disappeared. I will say, in the end, I did have a good time, but thats just because I have amazing friends. Unfortunately, it did turn out to be exactly what I was afraid of.

The first shop we went to, which I wont mention by name anymore cause they suck, was horrible. I knew going there that they are a consignment shop so I was taking a big chance not only that they would have something I liked there, but also something in my size. But they do carry the La Sposa line which ranges in sizes from 2-24 so I figured they would have SOEMTHING in my size to try on. Im considered pretty average as far as American sizes go. I didnt really expect it to be too much of an issue. I had also heard really good things about this shop.

I was pretty frustrated from the beginning though. The store was really small with maybe 2 tiny dressing rooms. The ladies working there didnt seem too thrilled that we stopped in even though you dont need an appointment and I had even tried to make one earlier that day. I started going through the dresses while Rue snapped photos and we waited for Ama and Hal to get there. I really didnt see much I liked except one vintage dress that was very simple. Definitely not my ideal wedding dress, but I would have bought it for another special occassion.

I picked out that one to try on and one of the ladies suggested a couple others. Nothing really fit though. She shoved a couple dresses at me in the dressing room (I should mention she just kept walking in without asking me if that was ok or not) and there were a couple I could get on, but they were not what I was looking for. She repeatedly told me that the La Sposa line comes in all sizes so they can order me something, but why would I want to order a dress I cant try on and have no idea how it would look or fit? Maybe thats the way the bridal world goes, but I at least need to be able to try on something similar so I can get a feel for it. She also knew this was my first time trying dresses on so I had no idea what I liked or what looked good on me.

After dealing with this bitchy lady, I may or may not have left the store in tears. Of course the only thing I wanted at that point was to cuddle up in Ned's arms and cry about how Im never going to find a dress so we cant get married, but I was with my girls and they were determined to get me excited again. My idea of cocktails was postponed until I checked out another shop. The only one we could think of where it didnt matter if we had an appointment or not was David's Bridal.

Im not a big fan of David's. Most of the dresses seem pretty basic and I find the materials to be a bit on the cheap side. I know that I want a more unique dress than something at David's. But what the hell, right? What did I have to lose? At least I knew there would be tons of stuff for me to try on and I could maybe get an idea of what style I like. And that I did.

I only tried on about half a dozen dresses there, but I did get a feel for what I like and what I feel pretty in. The first dress was awesome. It totally made me feel good about myself again. There were a couple dresses I didnt like and two more that I thought were really pretty, but probably not right for my body type.

(I will also mention that Robyn threatened the sales lady at David's that if she made me cry she would kill her. Haha. My bridesmaids are very protective! Dont mess with them!)

And even though David's Bridal is not for me, I was happy we went there. They did have really nice sales people working there and a huge selection of dresses in all sizes. I definitely felt better after the whole experience after visiting them.

So what now? Well, now Im going to Europe to forget about all of this for a couple weeks! But not really. Ned and I are going to Europe and we leave in a week, but all this wedding stuff will still be on my mind. Im actually looking forward to resuming my dress search when I return. There are a few more shops I want to check out. But to tell you the truth, Im pretty sure Im going to have my dress made for me. I dont think Im going to find that one magical dress and I would rather just design it myself. I have a lot of ideas in my mind after this first dress experience and Im determined to have that amazing dress that makes me feel like a million bucks on my wedding day.

I only have one photo to share from the night right now and that is Robyn on her bike. She road all the way from Lake City to my place in Minneapolis wearing pearls and still had fabulous hair! I love this girl!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The magical dress

I have butterflies in my stomach today. Not quite sure if they are the good, excited butterflies or the nervous, 'oh my god I dont want to do this' butterflies.

See, today my bridesmaids and I are going to look at wedding dresses for the first time. And even though I want to be jumping up and down with joy about this, I cant help but think it might be a disaster. There is a part of me that is just dreading it.

Normally I love shopping. I cant get enough of it. I go every other week or so to my favorite shops. And I LOVE dresses. I have a closet full of them. But wedding dresses....scare me.

I dont mind that its a lot of money to spend on something Ill only wear once. I want to feel amazing on my wedding day and I want that special dress. But spending the time and effort to find it does not sound like fun.

But maybe it will be. I dont know. Ive never done it. Ive never been a bridesmaid before either. I did go with two different girl friends to help them pick out their dresses and their experiences werent horrible. Maybe mine wont be either.

I guess the reason Im dreading it most is that Im worried Im going to look in the mirror and hate what I see. What if Im not pretty enough for the dress? What if I look fat? What if I hate the way my ass looks? What if I cant find a style that is flattering for me?

Most girls seem to have an idea before they go to a boutique of the style they like. Or they even have that one dress in mind that they found online or in a magazine. I have neither. Ive gone through countless magazines and webpages and havent found a dress I can call THE DRESS. I went through over 3,000 dresses on The Knot and didnt find a single one that moved me. Ive been able to find bits and pieces of dresses I like, but not a single dress that Im dying to try on. And Im not talking about dresses within a certain price range, Im talking about ALL the wedding dresses Ive looked at.

So far, this has been the least exciting part of wedding planning for me. I would rather stay at home and work on DIY projects with my darling Ned. I have a year to go though. Hopefully during this time Ill be able to find a dress I not only love, but that I feel beautiful in. Something that makes Ned's jaw drop.

Im just gonna cross my fingers that tonight isnt too hard on me. The shop we are starting with is a bridal consignment shop so they have all sorts of different style dresses from different designers. Its kinda exciting when you dont know what you will find. But also a bit terrifying when you dont know if there will even be something in your size to try on. And let me just also add while Im talking about size, that I hate that wedding dresses are sized so differently than normal clothes! If I wear a certain size at The Gap or H&M (normal places I shop), then I want to be that same size in a wedding dress, not 6 sizes bigger! I thought the point was to make brides feel beautiful so they spend thousands of dollars on a dress, not to make them feel fat.

Brides of France


Sunday, August 16, 2009

DIY BM Cards

Im a pretty sentimental girl. Ill admit it. I like doing things for those I care about. I like making things special and having them stand out. I like creating memories.

When it came to asking my girl friends to be my bridesmaids, I knew I wanted to do it in a special way rather than just blurting it out. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was planning to ask all three at our Girls Weekend Getaway, but unfortunately Hallie couldnt make it. So I asked her the previous weekend when we were spending the afternoon together baking cookies and taking the dogs to the dog park. With Amanda and Robyn, I was able to wait until we were up at the cabin.

I didnt really have a specific image in mind when it came to making the cards for my girls. I just happened to be at a craft store looking at paper when I came across this really cute pink swirly pattern and a chartreuse stripey pattern. I knew I somehow wanted to use them, but wasnt quite sure how. I also picked up some ribbon, envelopes, basic white card stock and some sparkly cardboard letters. At another trip to the craft store I also picked up some little mini black frames and a dress stamp. (The swallow stamp I also used was one from my own collection.)

When I sat down to make the first card, it just sort of fell together. I left the pink paper as is, but reinforced it by gluing white card stock to the backside. I wrapped the ribbon around it and affixed the letter "H" for "Hallie". Then I used the dress stamp and cut it out and put the little frame around it. Inside the cards I wrote a very heart felt message to each girl. I lined the envelopes in the stripey green paper and tucked the cards in. I also wrapped a wider ribbon around the outside of the envelope and repeated the process with the swallow stamp and the frame.

And for each girl, I got a gift bag full of LUSH products (bath bombs, bath bars, massage bars) and tucked the card in there with a picture frame, journal and imported vegetable French soap.

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