Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Love at first bite

This Sunday we went to our second cake tasting. This time with Sweets Bakeshop in St Paul. We first met Ly, co-owner, at the Independent Wedding Fair last month. She was so sweet and her cupcakes were so adorable, we set up a tasting on the spot. (It didn't hurt that they also have beautiful macarons, my favorite treats, and Ned had already told me we could have macarons at our wedding.)

Once at the shop, we were allowed to fill up our plate with amazing mini cupcakes, macaroons and brownies. Ly left us alone to try everything and gave us a sheet with all the flavors on it and space to write down our own thoughts on each one. Ned and I got to work on the most difficult task of eating all the goods!

Two cupcakes in and we were hooked. The cupcakes were so moist, the frosting so light. But unlike with our first tasting, Ned was actually wowed. The flavors were delicious. They had so much flavor for something so tiny. With the exception of the red velvet/Southern Belle and the triple chocolate, we weren't disappointed at all. (The red velvet was too heavy/didn't enjoy the cream cheese frosting mixed with white chocolate and the triple chocolate was too rich.)

Ned accidently ate way too much at the tasting and I was worried that the nausea was going to ruin the tasting experience altogether, but thankfully it didn't and we were able to book our baker this week! We've already narrowed down the flavors we want to go with, now we just need to decide on how many and what flavor of macaroons.

A few other photos from our tasting...

(All photo credits: me)

- Gan

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  1. Oooh! I've been wanting to check that place out since I first heard about it. I'm glad it was good! We'll have to grab a cupcake and coffee soon. <3


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