Saturday, February 6, 2010

Check, check and check!

(Photo credit: me)

It's so awesome to get things checked off of your to do list. It makes you feel so accomplished. Ned and I had a very wedding-y day that lead us to checking off quite a few things from our list. I'm so proud of us.

Today was the first Independent Wedding Fair in Minneapolis. Normally I go to the wedding fairs with Ama***, but this one I wanted to take Ned with me because it was held at FIVE Event Center- the venue where our reception is going to be. We love our reception venue so much that any excuse to hang out there is perfect. We got so excited over the venue all over again. They have such a great space and I love being there. Not to mention the most amazingly friendly staff.

(Photo credits: me)

The fair itself wasn't that big of a deal. I mean, it was really nice, don't get me wrong. And honestly, I probably enjoyed it a lot more than the huge crazy fairs held at the convention center or wherever with all the vendors pushing stuff at you and getting you to sign up for junk mail that never ends. But there wasn't a lot there. If you want to get a huge selection of vendors with lots of things to try and check out, then this really isn't the fair for you. But for us, it was great. Not just for 1 reason, but 3. We found 3 new vendors that we want to book! How cool is that?

We still need to meet with them and discuss the finer details and everything, but we found a florist, event planner/decorator/coordinator, and a baker all at this fair. I had found a florist and a baker at previous fair that I wanted to check out some more, but the vendors today blew them completely away. Especially the florist. Some of her stuff took my breath away. Her style fits me perfectly. And we even booked a tasting with the baker for later in the month.

Seriously, look at these bouquets! The colors and textures are incredible. I love the use of the green feathers in the first one and the grass in the second. She really has some neat ideas. I can't wait to meet with her again and see what she can come up with for our wedding.

(Photo credits: me)

Another fun thing about the fair was getting to chat with a vendor we already have booked that was there- The Original Traveling Photo Booth. I just adore these guys. I'm so glad we already have them booked. I also love any chance I can get to use their services. Ama and I have at a couple of the other fairs and at The Knot party last fall. This was the first time Ned and I got to use their photo booth together.

And one last check for us today. After the wedding fair, we swung by Patina, a favorite store of mine, and picked up our wedding cake topper. I don't have a picture of it at the moment so it'll have to wait for another post.

***I usually go to the wedding fairs with Ama because we have so much fun doing it together, not because Ned isn't interested. He is enjoying the wedding planning as much as I am and is totally up for going to any wedding events that are going on.

- Gan

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  1. Yay! Great photos...I'm so glad you found such great vendors there. :) Can't wait to hear more about them! (and you know I love being your sidekick for the wedding shows...glad I had an out today. feel. so. sick.)


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