Thursday, September 24, 2009

Everyone loves a good party

Im so excited about our upcoming engagement party. The invites are already in the mail and Ive been working on decoration and food ideas. Unlike our wedding, our engagement party even has a theme! I wish I could post some of the ideas, but I don't want to ruin any surprises for our guests that happen to read this blog. Once guests start receiving the invites Ill at least be able to post those.

I think the main reason for all the excitement for me is that this will be the first time we are having an actual party at our new house. We bought our house in March and besides having family over for a bbqs, we haven't had a real party yet. This will be sort of a combined engagment party/housewarming party. A lot of our friends haven't even seen our new home yet.

I'm also very thrilled that Ned's father will be in town from California for our party. Well, he was already planning on coming to town to visit us, so we just scheduled the party during his trip. I think it's awesome that Ned will have someone from his family here. We spend a lot of time with my family since they live so close and I think sometimes he really misses his dad. We were out in California spending time with him in July and I could really see how close those two are.

In other news, I finally started uploading some photos from our trip to Austria. For now Ill leave you with a photo of me and Ned:

And a photo of me and my bridesmaid, Nadine, and our friend Nikki:

- Gan

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