Saturday, September 19, 2009

You can never have too many bridesmaids

A couple years ago, a coworker told me that you can never have too many bridesmaids. For me, thats not so true. I once heard about a girl that had 18 bridesmaids! Wow. I wondered who was left to be an actual guest at the wedding. Maybe she has like 300 friends or something. Either way, thats way too many bridesmaids for me.

Ned and I are having a smallish wedding. 100 guests invited tops. I think maybe itll end up being 65 to 75 that actually make it. We definitely want a small wedding party. It would be strange to have half of our guests be in the actual wedding.

Choosing my bridal party wasnt that hard. I knew I wanted my three closest (American) girl friends to be bridesmaids, my 2 neices to be jr bridesmaids, my step daughter to be my flower girl, and to somehow have my closest guy friend be in the wedding, either on my side as my man of honor or on Ned's side as a groomsman. But I have to admit, I did feel bad. I have quite a few other girl friends I wanted to choose or that I felt obligated to choose.

My older sister really isnt into the whole bridesmaid thing so I only felt a little bad leaving her out. Shes just happy her daughters are in the wedding as it means a lot to them. I cant imagine not having those two beautiful girls in the wedding. But I have a couple other friends who are important to me that I want to be a part of my big day, but we just arent that close anymore. That doesnt mean that they arent important to me.

N., A. and S. are three amazing friends. I really do adore them. But we just arent as much a part of each others lives as we used to be. I dont think its necessarily a bad thing, its just what happens when people get busy in their own lives and live in different cities/states. Its hard to stay close. That doesnt mean we dont care about each other, weve just drifted apart a bit. I wish I could have them all be in my wedding, but I just dont think it would work.

There is one girl though that I feel terrible leaving out. She is someone that I adore so very much. I love her like family and I wish I could see her more often. She has been there so much for me and helped me through some very hard times. When Ned met her for the first time he said we were cut from the same stone. I just click with her like Ive known her my whole life. And thats why Ive decided to ask her to join my wedding party.

I initially didn't ask Nadine because she lives in Austria. We only get to see each other once a year or so. But having my wedding without her in it would just be wrong. I really need her by my side on that day. She is such an important part of my life and who I am. Since she will be at the wedding for sure, I need her to be a part of the wedding party. Shes flying in at least two weeks before the wedding to spend time with me and be a part of the activities and staying for a bit afterwards.

I haven't asked her yet, but Im very excited to. Im trying to decide between mailing her a card, calling her or asking her in person in November when I see her in Miami. Such a hard decision. I want to ask her in person because its much more sincere, but I also dont want to wait. I can be so impatient. I should have asked her a couple weeks ago when I was in Austria, but I didn't know until then that she was for sure coming to the wedding. I should have known she would be though since shes such a good friend.

My bridal party now consists of the four most lovely friends a girl could ever have. Im so happy to have these girls be a part of my life and a part of my big day.


- Gan

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