Saturday, September 26, 2009

Officially less than 1 year...

Wow! Time is flying. We officially have less than one year to go. I couldn't be more thrilled. There is still so much to do, but we are slowly knocking those things off the to do list.

I really wanted to blog yesterday since it was the one year mark. But with working overtime and an amazing date night with Ned, there was just no time.

To celebrate our one year to go mark, we had a lovely dinner of amazing vegetarian and vegan sushi at Midori's. We then followed dinner up with the lovely sounds of Joshua Radin at the Pantages Theater.

Yesterday, I received an email from It was my official "you've got 12 months to go" newsletter. It was comprised of the things we need to be working on this month:

- Research vendors - Check!
- Finalize your budget - Budget? Whats a budget? Budget shmudget.
- Wedding style ideas - I think weve got this one down. This has been the most exciting part so far. (Besides the part where I get to call Ned my husband.)

Id say we are about right on track if not still ahead of the game. And Im just joking about the budget part. We don't really have one, but its all about being responsible and not going overboard. We know our limits, but that doesn't mean we aren't going to have one hell of a shindig.

Today Ill leave you the beautiful music of Josh Radin. Im sure there will be plenty of his songs played at our wedding. (Which is kinda funny because he made a bunch of jokes about weddings last night.)

- Gan

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  1. "Finalize your budget - Budget? Whats a budget? Budget shmudget."

    LOL. I remember that feeling! And... it will only get worse! ;-) Congrats on the 12-months-to-go mark. My husband and I called it our "-1 anniversary." Hahah!


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