Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Home sweet home

We got in from our lovely adventure to Europe last night. I feel rested and refreshed even though a majority of the time was spent hiking and exploring. Even a 1,400 stairs hike inside a mountain (700 up and 700 down)...and that was after hiking up the mountain itself! But we had a great trip and once again we saw how well we travel together.

I have not had time to really go through our photos yet, but trust me, we have some cute ones. I figured I should post a small entry about our to-do list for now. I think its growing, instead of shrinking, every day.

Things we have done
- Photographer booked
- First set of engagement photos shot
- Reception venue booked
- Photo booth booked
- My wedding party chosen and informed
- Ceremony location chosen
- Caterer chosen

Things that need to be finalized in the next few weeks
- Ceremony location booked
- Caterer booked
- His side of the wedding party
- Cake tastings
- Save the dates need to be finished & mailed
- Guest list (!!!)
- Wedding dress search continues
- Engagement party/housewarming party

We haven't even seen a teaser photo from our engagement shoot and Im getting a bit restless. I know its only been 2 weeks, but I was hoping to get at least one photo emailed to us while we were on vacation. Im excited, but also nervous to get them back. Just an email to let us know they turned out ok would have been nice! Im totally impatient. But Jenn is a great photographer so I have no need for doubts.

Hopefully tonight Ill get through some of our vacation photos. And maybe we can start tackling some of our other to-dos.

- Gan

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