Sunday, August 16, 2009

DIY BM Cards

Im a pretty sentimental girl. Ill admit it. I like doing things for those I care about. I like making things special and having them stand out. I like creating memories.

When it came to asking my girl friends to be my bridesmaids, I knew I wanted to do it in a special way rather than just blurting it out. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was planning to ask all three at our Girls Weekend Getaway, but unfortunately Hallie couldnt make it. So I asked her the previous weekend when we were spending the afternoon together baking cookies and taking the dogs to the dog park. With Amanda and Robyn, I was able to wait until we were up at the cabin.

I didnt really have a specific image in mind when it came to making the cards for my girls. I just happened to be at a craft store looking at paper when I came across this really cute pink swirly pattern and a chartreuse stripey pattern. I knew I somehow wanted to use them, but wasnt quite sure how. I also picked up some ribbon, envelopes, basic white card stock and some sparkly cardboard letters. At another trip to the craft store I also picked up some little mini black frames and a dress stamp. (The swallow stamp I also used was one from my own collection.)

When I sat down to make the first card, it just sort of fell together. I left the pink paper as is, but reinforced it by gluing white card stock to the backside. I wrapped the ribbon around it and affixed the letter "H" for "Hallie". Then I used the dress stamp and cut it out and put the little frame around it. Inside the cards I wrote a very heart felt message to each girl. I lined the envelopes in the stripey green paper and tucked the cards in. I also wrapped a wider ribbon around the outside of the envelope and repeated the process with the swallow stamp and the frame.

And for each girl, I got a gift bag full of LUSH products (bath bombs, bath bars, massage bars) and tucked the card in there with a picture frame, journal and imported vegetable French soap.


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  1. and the tears carry over to this post. SO stunning!!!!! I love how heartfelt these are!!


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