Monday, August 10, 2009

Yah but it's the Nebraska Game...

I was late rushing into work this morning.  

Gan was finishing up her four day weekend today and it took every ounce of strength on my part to go into work and not to call in with a severe case of common sense.  However once I got to work, or more appropriately as I was riding the elevator up, as my luck would have it, some women just happened to be talking about weddings.

"So it sounds like they are going to have a short, quick honeymoon, maybe two days" one woman was saying. "And then a longer one later in month."

"But why," her co-worker asked. "That seems like a large waste. Especially for Hawaii."

"It is, but he really doesn't want to miss The Nebraska Game."

At this point, the women started talking about how Hawaii was a terrible place to go on a honeymoon and Fiji was just SO much better, but I had already tuned out.

The Nebraska Game?

You could tell just by listening to the conversation that the bride wanted nothing to do with the truncated honeymoon, but the groom was going to have his dream wedding and his dream football game too. To be honest, I felt kinda ill.

But then it occurred to me that I would do anything for Gan and who knows, maybe she has a "Nebraska Game" out there just waiting. I mean, we have agreed on everything up to this point. Heck, that's really an understatement. Every idea Gan has had I've been excited and enchanted by and I've received pretty good feedback on the two or three ideas that I've had.

Everything about the wedding has just been all so easy up to this point. And think it's because Gan and I see eye to eye on a lot of the details.  I really believe that we are going to have an amazing day because when we think about the wedding, we are seeing the same thing.

That isn't to say that I wouldn't do anything for her if she had a Nebraska Game out there. Lurking. Just waiting. But I'm sure whatever comes along, we'll roll with it. Keep that communication open and flowing.

Eye to eye

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