Friday, August 14, 2009

My amazing bridesmaids

Since I officially asked the last two of my bridesmaids this last weekend to be a part of my wedding, I feel like its alright for me to start talking about them. Im so excited to have these three amazing women in my life. I couldnt be more thrilled that they all said yes.

The 4 of us had been planning a girls weekend getaway (second annual one) for a couple weeks. Unfortunately, I knew one of the girls, Hallie, wasnt going to be able to make it due to morning sickness as shes 11 weeks pregnant. I had been planning to ask all 3 girls at once, but realized that wasnt going to be possible.

The weekend prior to Girls Weekend Getaway '09, I got Hallie's gift bag ready and headed over to her place to spend the afternoon. She was incredibly surprised by the gifts and card, but immediately said yes and I could tell she was truly excited. I dont think she had even considered I would choose her, but I have no idea why I wouldnt! She is one of the sweetest and kindest girls I know. She is always there for her friends and has such a positive attitude about life. I have been so blessed to have her in my life this last year.

Amanda technically already knew that she was not only one of my bridesmaids, but actually my maid of honor. I let that slip the night we went to The Knot party at the Graves hotel. I had already ran it by my fiance that I was going to ask her, but wanted to wait until GWG. But when we got to the party I introduced her as my MOH and told her the plan. Thats kinda what happens with best friends, its hard to keep secrets. I dont think there is anything I can keep from Ama. She totally gets me. I know she is always there if there is anything I need and is incredibly supportive and always encouraging me.

I brought Ama and Robyn's gift bags with me to the cabin for Girls Weekend and surprised them when we got there. Robyn also seemed incredibly blown away by the whole thing, but she jumped up and down and gave me a huge hug. Robyn is one of those people that has an infectious smile. She is always finding something to laugh about and has this incredible way of looking at the world. Shes always ready to take on a project and I dont think there is anything she cant conquer. Ive known her for about 5 years and my life has definitely been for the better with her in it. She inspires me so much.

Heres to the amazing women in my life! Thanks for not only being a part of my wedding, but for being in my life. I dont know what I would do without you.

Girls Weekend Getaway '08. Hallie (Hal), Robyn (Rue) & me (Gan).

Girls Weekend Getaway '09. Robyn (Rue), me (Gan) & Amanda (Ama).


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