Saturday, August 15, 2009

One Year

Yesterday, my Ned and I celebrated our one year anniversary. Crazy, huh? One year together and we are planning our wedding. What I always tell people when they comment on the fact that its been such a short time is, "when you know, you know." Its pretty simple actually.

I think we both knew right away we were smitten. Our first date was a blind date and even though I like to say that I wasn't so sure about him in the beginning, I also have to admit that I called my dad right after that date to tell him about it. Thats how I know, I know he's the one.

The first couple weeks I joked about all the "red flags" and how I liked Ned, but I wasnt sure he was right for me. But then there was that night...the night he first kissed me. All questions were gone after that moment. It was just a small goodnight kiss at my front door. But that little kiss changed everything for me.

Not even three months later he proposed. And now here we are - 406 days until our wedding.

Last night on our anniversary date we sat reminiscing about all our favorite moments from the last year. The list of things that meant something to us was pretty long. From our first date to his proposal on Franklin Avenue to our trips out to San Francisco to buying our first house...this year has been packed with so many incredible moments. I wish I could share them all here, but it would take me all day.

And as I sat here writing this entry, I got confirmation from a photographer/friend that she is available to shoot a session for us the day we leave for Austria in two weeks at one of our favorite MN events. Im so happy and excited.

For now, Ill leave this entry with a couple of my favorite photos of me and Ned from last September. This is us at Mill City for one of our early dates. We were there for the Kid Dakota show and it was such an incredible night.

And as a little teaser of our photo shoot to come...


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