Saturday, August 22, 2009

To cover or not to cover?

I wanted to make this post yesterday, but I got sidetracked by life. I also had to reschedule a tattoo appointment to finish up my newest piece till next month. By the end of the day I just forgot I promised this entry, but it's definitely something important to me so I want to write about it.

Something Ive been asked quite a few times is if Im going to cover my tattoos for my wedding, either with makeup or my dress. The answer for me is really simple; no.

I love my tattoos. If I didn't, why would I have them? They make me who I am. I chose to get them for a reason. I don't see the point in covering them for my wedding, or any day for that matter. Im actually incredibly confused by those that choose to cover. I guess I just don't understand why you would cover them. Maybe you don't think they are appropriate? Or they will upset relatives? Or they aren't classy enough for your wedding? Or....I just don't know. But I ask again, why have them if you want to hide them or you don't think they are classy or appropriate?

(Credit to Allebach Photography)

There are some tattoos you get in places that aren't seen on a daily basis for a reason. They aren't ones you want to show off to the general public. They are personal or private or whatever. Or maybe you have a career where you just can't pull off visible tattoos. I guess it makes sense that if you don't normally show them off that you would cover them on your wedding day. But mostly because they are in spots that are naturally covered.

My tattoos are pretty visible and I like it that way. Not because Im screaming to be looked at, but they are an expression of who I am. I consider them artwork. They are in places that are seen on an average day and will be visible when wearing my wedding dress. I wouldn't want it any other way.

I want to be myself on my wedding day. That means not hiding my tattoos or taking out my piercings or keeping my hair at whatever color I think is beautiful at the time. To me, the most beautiful woman is a woman not afraid to be herself. And on such an important day, you should be yourself. It's YOUR wedding. And this also goes for grooms, too! They should be able to express themselves and be who they are on their wedding day.

(Credit to Rebecca Peters Photography)

I guess it's easier for me because I think tattoos and piercings are attractive, especially on brides. I don't have to put much thought into the fact that I'm going to show my tattoos on my wedding day and that I'm going to have a dress that compliments them. I'm also fine with the fact that my bridesmaids have tattoos and theirs will also be visible at my wedding.

This is me and my MOH, Amanda, at GWG '09. My chest piece, that is still lacking color, along with my back piece, will be completely visible at my wedding and I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Hi! So I randomly came across your blog today. I read this post and thought of my friend's wedding. I thought their photographer did a great job of showing off their personalities (including the tattoos of the bride and the bridal party). You can check out some of their pics at: (Oh how I love tinyurl!). If you like you could always show to your photographer...
    I don't think you should cover up your tattoos at all! If they are important to you, it will be important to document them and have them as part of your day.

  2. I have a hard time picturing you in a wedding dress without your amazing ink work, but that's just me. I mean, they are so much a part of you. However, I, of course, will support you with whatever choice you wish to make, but my vote is for "not cover".


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