Friday, January 29, 2010

Award winning photographer - half off

I got an email from our photographers this afternoon asking us to spread the word that they have a cancelation to fill. If you know of anyone looking for an amazing photographer for May 29th, please send them their way.

"We recently had a couple call off their wedding (which we were sorry to hear about) and so now the date has re-opened. It is for this Saturday May 29th 2010. If you know of anyone who is getting married we would appreciate it if you would spread the word that pricing is 1/2 off for this date.

It is very, very rare, especially so close to the date as we tend to fill up about 12-18 months out. When this happens and because it is soooo close to the date, we offer a 50% discount on the date. We realize that many people may have already booked with another company so we offer that large of a discount in case people are still searching or in case people ended up having to book with someone who was not a first choice etc. It is a great opportunity for brides who may be on a budget but are looking for higher end photos.

Anyways, below is regular pricing and shows the discounted pricing.

4 hours: 1800 50% off: 900
6 Hours: 2450 50% off: 1225
8 Hours: 3100 50% off: 1550
10 Hours: 3750 50% off: 1875"

Check out their blog for some amazing work:

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