Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gwyneth Paige

From their website:
"Gwyneth Paige is a couture letterpress company dedicated to being the perfect beginning to a couple’s ‘happily ever after’. Sustainably printed on 100% luxurious cotton tree-free paper and only using vegetable-oil based inks; we are committed to protecting our environment as well as adding back in more beautiful pieces in the form of cast-iron pressed, miniature works of art."

My lovely friend, Andrea, is the Creative Director for Gwyneth Paige and recently posted a blog entry with me in it. Nothing to do with the wedding, but with a cute little find having to do with cupcakes. (We all know how much I love cupcakes.) To be honest, I wouldn't have even known about the cute item if it weren't for Ned.

Anywho, you should go over and check out Gwyneth Paige, and if not for the blog entry and to find out the secret cupcake item, at least for their amazing letterpress work.

- Gan

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