Saturday, January 30, 2010


I'm currently sitting at home, waiting for a call, then heading to the hospital. I am so excited to say that my bridesmaid, Hallie, had her baby last night. I got a text at about 4:30 this morning that her water broke after we had dinner last night and little baby Lowell was delivered by c-section. Mom and baby are doing great and I can't wait to go see them and snap some pictures.

Dinner was awesome last night as it was the first time since our engagement party that I was able to hang out with all three of my girl friends/bridesmaids at once. I do love those ladies so much. I wish I would have snapped a couple of photos, but the restaurant was so dark. (If you haven't been to one of the Chatterbox locations yet, you should definitely stop in. Great food, drinks and all the board games and retro video games you could want-

(Photo credit: Chatterbox)

In other exciting news, Ned and I have settled on our caterer. We have been going back and forth between using a great caterer that specializes in using locally sourced ingredients and can manage to put together awesome vegetarian and vegan meals, or going with a favorite restaurant of ours. We have been in discussion with the caterer, but didn't book them as we weren't 100% sold on them. They are amazing and their food is delicious, but it didn't feel completely like us. And one of the big reasons for booking our reception venue is that we are allowed to bring in any caterer/restaurant we want. We decided we should just go with our favorite food. Someplace that we always take out of town guests and they have the best time and are blown away by the food. I wish I could share it with you now, but I want to make sure we book them first. I think everyone at the wedding will enjoy the meal though and there will definitely be tons of vegetarian and vegan options. And it will definitely be a buffet set up.

I'm hungry just thinking about the amazing food!

- Gan

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