Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Contest alert

This is a great time to not only alert you to a great contest giveaway over at Style Me Pretty, but to show you a little something Ned and I are planning.

First, Style Me Pretty is running a contest this week featuring a Paloma’s Nest Giveaway. These are lovely little bowls that some couples have been using in lieu of ring pillows or on top of ring pillows. They are completely adorable. The contest is for 10 of these lovely little bowls that would make great gifts for your bridesmaids, or decorating your lovely new home, or even placed around your wedding reception venue. (Winner will be chosen on Friday afternoon.)

(Photo credit to Palomas Nest)

Second, Ned and I are going to be doing something a little similar to these lovely bowls for our rings at our wedding, but a bit more personal.

This last summer, Ned took me to visit where he grew up- Humboldt County, California. I had the most amazing time running around in the red wood forests, trekking up and down the beach on a photo hunt for seals, and hanging out with Ned's wonderful dad.

(Photo credit: me)

One morning while combing the beach, I came across some amazing shells and sand dollars. Now, being a girl raised in Minnesota, but who has worked with aquatic sea life in an aquarium, this was totally brilliant. I've been to the ocean before, but never on a hunt for treasures.

(Photo credit: me)

Ned and I decided that one of these beautiful shells would be the perfect ring holder for our rings on our wedding day.

(Photo credit: me)

I'm thinking this shell set atop a really pretty pillow will be the perfect thing for Cal, Ned's son, to carry down the aisle.

- Gan

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