Monday, February 22, 2010

Ate our weight in cake

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Well, we didn't really eat that much cake, but we ate a lot! Sunday was a busy wedding day for us. We had a meeting with our florist, a wedding fair at International Market Square and our first cake tasting. I'm kinda lost on the whole cake thing. How does one choose their wedding cake?

When Ned and I first started planning, I was thinking cupcakes because, well, I love cupcakes. Everything about them just screams cute. But Ned really wanted a wedding cake. When else do you get to have an enormous, elaborate cake? Then there was this whole moment where we went of on that pie kick. I love pie. Ned loves pie. They ate lots of pie in Pushing Daisies. I even found this incredible pie shop in Stockholm, WI that makes the absolutely most delicious pies. How cute would little individual pies have been?

But then I slowly started to move over to the cake side of things and when we were at the wedding fair at FIVE, Ned saw some beautiful wedding cupcakes and he became sold on that idea. Not that there is anything wrong with pie, but we weren't sure if everyone else would love wedding pie as much as us. Ned and I are both pretty flexible though and if one of us was leaning strongly in one direction, the other would be ok with that. If Ned said he HAS to have cupcakes, then I would be like, sure, why not?

The only thing we are differing on is fondant. We both love the look of it, but only I can say that I dislike the taste. Ned has never had real fondant. I've spoiled him with delicious marshmallow fondant that is yummy and tastes nothing like the real stuff. He's really into the idea of fondant covered cupcakes or cake right now, but has no idea what it tastes like. Fondant is beautiful, but really, is it edible? I always have to pick it off. And fondant cakes aren't cheap. You are paying for the look, but not something everyone is going to enjoy eating.

Not only do we need to decide between cake or cupcakes, but also between some sort of frosting or fondant. Oh, and then we need to decide between millions of flavors. Red velvet? Georgia peach? Amaretto? Bailey's Irish creme? Lemon raspberry? Yep, I'll take all of them. Can we just have a 15 tier wedding cake?

- Gan

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