Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ned is smooth

Yes, he is one smooth guy. I'll have to tell the story of how he got his first kiss on our third date some time. But what I'm really talking about here is fondant. Yes, I'm talking about cake again. Ned loves the smooth fondant look so much. But where he is all smooth, I am all texture. (Wait till you see my wedding dress!)

We've been trying to collect ideas of what we like and it's funny how different our tastes are sometimes.

This is me:

(Yes, I know this one was done with fondant, but I would love it with creamy frosting.)

And this is Ned:

What I've been thinking about, is that if we do cupcakes, maybe we can do a combination of smooth and textured? That way we both get what we like and I think it'll make for a beautiful display.

Something like this:

- Gan


  1. Ooh, smart girl. Compromise! I'm with you on preferring texture.

    I wish Dave had more of an opinion on cake and stuff. I brought him home 3 cupcakes from the cake tasting so he could try them and pick a favorite, and he just said "you decide on a flavor". So guess who wound up eating them? Me.

  2. I love the compromise!! How beautifully they work together!!!


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