Thursday, February 18, 2010

Unmatched bridesmaids dresses take 2

One of my bridesmaids, I wont say which one *wink*, was asking me if I was sure that I didn't want to pick out their dresses. If I was sure I didn't want them all to match. I asked her if she really wanted me to do that. I had no idea what I was looking for in my own dress to begin with and that was taking into consideration my body, my style, my taste. How would I even begin picking something out for all of them?

I've been really open with their choices. I'm trying to be supportive and considerate about what they like and their own personal styles. I don't know why she thinks I'm going to go all bridezilla over this and change my mind later. She keeps saying, "Well, that's what you say now." But really, it's how I feel. I won't be changing my mind about this. I do not like the matchy matchy look at all. It's not me, but if for some reason they all picked the same dress, that would not bother me either. If they want my opinion on something, I'm more than willing to give it. Maybe I need to take a bigger role in helping them choose? I'm planning to schedule a day where we can all go out and look at dresses together and the girls can try some different ones on. I just know that what I like and my style differs a lot from theirs. What I might feel comfortable wearing might not be what they feel comfortable wearing. I'm really not someone who thinks, "Oh my god! That dress is so ugly and she looks horrible and it's going to ruin my pictures!"

And just to prove my point about how cute unmatching dresses are, check out these adorable photos.

(From Ashley Brockinton Photography. Seen on

These dresses aren't all the same length, style or even shade and they look so pretty and sweet.

(Originally from Green Wedding Shoes and Our Labour of Love. Seen on

Again, different styles, colors and lengths; still very beautiful.

(And this entry was not to call out my wonderful bridesmaid, but just to show off some lovely photos and give more inspiration. I know my bridesmaid loves me and I love her.)

- Gan

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